Regular check-ups crucial for maintaining vision

Regular check-ups crucial for maintaining vision

Contact lens wearers should get regular eyesight check-ups as while it appears to be saving them money in the short-term it could leave them out of pocket in the long-run and perhaps with poorer vision.

Opthomologist Paul Frascella told Fox59.com: "Generally speaking, pediatric age groups should be seen before entering nursery and adults should be seen about every year."

The expert went on to say that consumers shouldn"t cut corners when it comes to contact lenses as improper care and wearing of lenses can cause severe problems including infections.

Dr Frascella also recommended protecting your eyes from the sun, not just in the summer but during the winter months when the sun"s rays reflecting off the snow can be a problem.

The news provider recommended picking up some sunglasses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays that can cause severe damage. Many manufacturers now offer 100 per cent UV protection.

Contact lens wearers were recently informed that eating eggs can help protect vision and prevent the onset of eye disease in later years.

by Martin Burns

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