Contact lenses can "easily treat" astigmatism

Contact lenses can "easily treat" astigmatism

Contact lenses can "easily treat" irregular astigmatism which is why lenses are gaining so much popularity in recent times, according to UK News Reporter.

The condition is due to an irregular curve in the cornea which can result in blurred vision and the eye can find it difficult to focus a sharp object on the retina.

Astigmatism can occur through corneal scarring, injuries due to surgery or a sudden pressure on the eyeball by the upper eye lid.

Lenses which correct astigmatisms are easy-to-use and provide users with a full field of vision which is not possible if glasses are worn.

According to Marvin Kimber, writing for the news provider, contact lenses can provide a number of other benefits including making people who are conscious of wearing glasses feel better about themselves.

Contact lens wearers also find it easier to play sports as glasses can get in the way and become inconvenient.

People with astigmatism were recently urged to try hybrid contact lenses, a product with a rigid centre and a soft lens around it.

by Martin Burns

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