New 3D glasses set to take film industry by storm

New 3D glasses set to take film industry by storm

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Homeowners looking to invest in the next wave of high tech LG 3D televisions could find they are able to watch their sets more comfortably following the development of a new type of 3D glasses.

The "passive" technology means that the glasses people have to wear to enjoy 3D viewing on LG TVs are no longer the big and bulky types usually seen, but more similar to the kind of eyewear given out in cinemas.

In consumer tests, the new glasses - similar to those which moviegoers may have donned to watch last summer's blockbuster Avatar - went down well, with viewers praising better comfort levels, improved 3D brightness and lower prices.

LG showed the new items at the 26th Film Independent Spirit Awards and according to figures from the brand published by 3DTVWatcher.co.uk viewers preferred the new glasses by three to one in tests.

3D movies have taken Hollywood by storm recently, with films such as Avatar leading the way. Tim Burton's remake of children's classic Alice in Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp, was also shown in 3D when it was released last year.

by Emily Tait

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