Girl saved from brain abscess by eye test

Girl saved from brain abscess by eye test

A deadly brain abscess that could have proved fatal for 13-year-old Eloise Jones was spotted during an eye test, it has emerged.

Feeling tired, pale and sick, Ms Jones was without a diagnosis until an optician spotted swollen optic nerves that suggested something more sinister was afoot.

After referring her to doctors, the cyst was found and removed - and the teen is now making a good recovery.

"I would recommend other parents make sure their children get regular eye tests even if they don"t have a problem with their eyesight," said mum Karen.

Generally, people in the UK are advised to have an eye test every two years.

As well as potentially spotting underlying health problems, it can judge whether any kind of eyewear is needed, such as contact lenses or glasses.

by Adrian Galbreth

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