Convenience "a big advantage" for contact lens wearers

Convenience "a big advantage" for contact lens wearers

One of the major advantages of wearing contact lenses is that the vision correction products are far more convenient than glasses, one source has pointed out.

According to a report by Price, anybody who has experienced vision problems and not yet tried wearing contact lenses should give them a go, as the advent of the internet has made purchasing them much easier.

The source noted that people who have a prescription can easily order replacement contact lenses online, whereas glasses wearers need to visit an optician or have a fitting in order to buy new frames or lenses.

"If you lose a daily contact lens, you can simply pop in another one from the same box and go about your day. On the other hand, if you break your glasses, you must bring them to your optician and face a delay of hours or days," it added.

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph recently, optician John Fell, owner of John Fell Opticians on Borough Street, said that the past couple of decades have seen "great strides" within the contact lens and vision industry.

by Emily Tait

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