Contact lenses "more comfortable than glasses"

Contact lenses "more comfortable than glasses"

Investing in contact lenses rather than glasses can provide people with greater comfort, according to one source.

One of the main bugbears for spectacle wearers is the problem of them sliding down the bridge of the nose, as well as the sore points left where the glasses sat, Price pointed out.

It noted that wearing contact lenses can alleviate this problem, as well as some other issues which glasses wearers experience, such as condensation.

"Moisture build-up and the resulting loss of visual clarity is never a problem with contact lenses. You can feel confident knowing that, where convenience, safety and comfort are concerned, discount contact lenses are, quite literally, at your fingertips," the source said.

A recent post on the birthstonenecklace.org blog said factors such as the type of contact lenses being worn and individuals" sensitivity will influence how long it takes for them to become accustomed to the products.

by Alexa Kaczka

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