Intra-ocular lenses "hold great promise"

Intra-ocular lenses "hold great promise"

There is a great deal of promise offered by intra-ocular lenses which can help to significantly improve people"s eyesight, according to one expert.

Tony Veverka, chief executive at Ultralase, said there are "exciting developments" in the field of intra-ocular lenses, which allow people with previously untreatable prescriptions to have a surgical alternative to glasses and other vision correction products.

"There is also a wide range of new treatments for presbyopia, or the age-related need for reading specs, which affects everyone, even those who have never needed glasses before," he explained.

He added that new research into other treatments for longstanding eye problems is constantly being carried out across the planet, helping to make everyday life easier for the people affected.

Meanwhile, according to a post on Live PR, scleral lenses, which are large-diameter, gas-permeable lenses that cover a larger part of the eye, are popular options among those who have had trouble finding lenses in the past.

by Martin Burns

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