Coloured contact lenses warning issued

Coloured contact lenses warning issued

By Alexa Kaczka

Another warning has been issued about the potential dangers of coloured contact lenses.

State officials in Chicago are advising people in Illinois not to buy the products from disreputable retailers, following a number of instances of people buying unofficial coloured contact lenses, the Republic reported.

It stated that purchasing lenses from unlicensed eyecare professionals can put them at risk of eye infections, scratches on their retinas or even blindness.

"The lenses that are popular, particularly among teenagers, are often sold at malls and flea markets from vendors who are not adequately trained," the news provider stated.

Officials have also warned vendors not to sell coloured contact lenses without a licence, or they may risk legal punishment.

It comes after a new study into the safety of cosmetic and coloured contact lenses was launched by the European Federation of National Associations and International Companies of Contact Lens and Lens Care Manufacturers.

by Martin Burns

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