Contact lenses "make you look younger"

Contact lenses "make you look younger"

An advantage of wearing contact lenses is that they make people look younger than glasses do, according to one source.

Netlens said that contact lenses not only provide greater comfort than glasses, due to the fact that they do not sit on the ears or rub on the nose, but they also increase people"s attractiveness.

It also noted that contact lenses are a safe bet for people who regularly play sport, as they cannot smash like glasses and are far less likely to fall out.

The source added that the advancements made in the field of contact lenses in the last few years also mean that there are far fewer problems associated with the products than there used to be and patient satisfaction is much higher.

A recent post on UpdatedDaily.com noted that contact lenses are far more convenient than glasses as they do not have to be carried around by the user and also make it easier for people to take part in sports and other physical activities.

by Alexa Kaczka

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