ClearKone contact lenses "are effective"

ClearKone contact lenses "are effective"

ClearKone contact lenses, which can help to improve the vision of people with a new treatment for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities, have been praised by one expert.

Dr Margaret Ritterbusch, an eye specialist at Outlook EyeCare, said that she has seen "tremendous" success with the ClearKone lens for patients with irregular corneas, particularly keratoconus sufferers.

The expert explained that her patients previously had "very limited" options for vision correction and corneal stabilisation.

She added: "This new lens is designed to centre successfully on irregularly shaped corneas, which improves visual acuity. The new features enhance patient comfort, a critical aspect for all of our contact lens patients."

Dr Ritterbusch also said that the product will benefit thousands of people.

The lenses are manufactured by SynergEyes, which claims that the product utilises "revolutionary hybrid technology" which provides the visual clarity of high-oxygen rigid gas permeable contact lenses and the comfort and convenience of soft lenses. 

by Emily Tait

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