Contact lenses "can correct astigmatism"

Contact lenses "can correct astigmatism"

A lesser-known fact about contact lenses is that they can help to correct eye problems such as astigmatism, one source has pointed out.

Whereas many people believe that only glasses can help to correct astigmatism and other vision complaints, certain contact lenses can be tailored to address the problem, updateddailey.com stated.

Many people with irregular-shaped corneas have turned to contact lenses to help with the problem in recent years and found that they can help with this significantly, the source added.

It noted that the cost of investing in these contact lenses will be recouped multiple times over the years as people enjoy a greater quality of life.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Derby Telegraph recently, optician John Fell said there have been great advances made within the contact lens industry since the 1980s.

He noted: "The technology involved has moved on considerably since 1986. Now, we use the latest retinal scanners to ensure people have the right lenses."

by Alexa Kaczka

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