Contact lenses "should not be worn for too long"

Contact lenses "should not be worn for too long"

Contact lens wearers have been advised not to keep the products in for too long or exceed the manufacturer"s recommended wear time.

Troy Maydew, an optometrist at Maydew Thibault Optometry in Pratt, told Kansan.com that instructions are placed on the contact lens packaging for good reason, and so daily contact lenses should not be worn for more than 24 hours.

He explained that lenses which can be re-worn also need to be stored in appropriate solution to clean them, while care needs to be taken when handling them.

Mr Maydew told the source that mucin and protein from tears can build up on the lenses, while small abrasions caused by wearing an old, dirty contact lens puts your eye at high risk of infection.

Meanwhile, a recent post on the Updated Dailey blog noted that proper handling is vital to prevent infection and ensure that the contacts work to the best of their ability.

by Martin Burns

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