Dirty contact lens cases "could cause infection"

Dirty contact lens cases "could cause infection"

Contact lens wearers need to remember that the cases they keep the products in need to be cleaned and sterilised just like the contacts themselves, one source has pointed out.

An article in the Irish Independent noted that cases need to be cleaned regularly to minimise the risk of infection, using an appropriate cleaning fluid.

It advised: "If you wear contact lenses remember that a dirty case is a major source of infection.

"Rinse your case, leave it open to dry after use each day and replace it monthly. Clean the case each week using a clean toothbrush and contact lens solution."

The source added that contact lens wearers should never re-use solution or top it up, recommending instead that people discarded it and replace it with fresh solution each time the lenses are stored.

It has been reported by Optician Online that Saracens player Hayden Smith begun using a new type of contact lens solution for his lenses which enabled him to improve his game. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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