"Circle" contact lens warning issued

"Circle" contact lens warning issued

By Martin Burns

A warning has been issued to teens following the trend of wearing 'circle' contact lenses which alter the appearance of the iris.

Following the massive success of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance song and video, many young people have been attempting to emulate the appearance of the popstar by investing in circle contact lenses but this may be dangerous, warned James Gilbert, writing for WLTX.com.

He noted that such products are illegal, while any lenses which change the appearance of the eye should only be bought from a reputable contact lens supplier.

"Doctors worry that the lenses - illegal to sell without a prescription but easily bought online - carry risks of blinding infections and damage to the cornea," Mr Gilbert said.

A recent article in the Bangkok Post noted that many contact lens wearers from both Thailand and the rest of the world have been buying lenses which are unofficial and putting their eyes at risk as a result in recent months.

by Martin Burns

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