Eye damage "can happen in a moment"

Eye damage "can happen in a moment"

It only takes a brief moment for eyes to be irreversibly damaged, and so safeguarding vision is vital at all times, one expert has noted.

Arizona eye doctor Stephen Cohen told MonstersandCritcis.com that there are many everyday hazards to eyes, from artificial light to the sun"s UV rays, and so it is important that people take the necessary precautions to safeguard their vision.

He noted that wearing protective eyewear when taking part in manual tasks, wearing UV contact lenses and other precautions in the sun and following a good diet can all help to preserve eyesight.

"It only takes a brief moment to ensure that your eyes are properly protected. You can follow these simple steps to improve your quality of life today, as well as helping to ensure your vision and eye health for all your tomorrows," Dr Cohen added.

Dr Karl Citek, chair of the Commission on Ophthalmic Standards at the American Optometric Association, said that for those in need of vision correction, a "significant measure" of UV protection can be achieved with a combination of UV-blocking contact lenses and other precautions.

by Emily Tait

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