Buying contact lenses online "has many benefits"

Buying contact lenses online "has many benefits"

By Martin Burns

There are many benefits to purchasing contact lenses online, according to one source which has pointed out that they are much cheaper than in a store.

Andrea Noton, writing for the Breaking Story, pointed out that the convenience of ordering contact lenses online is also a great draw, as they are delivered straight to the door and people do not run the risk of going to a shop and finding out that they are out of stock.

"There are many benefits when it comes to shopping online for lenses. Many websites offer tremendous discounts on lenses purchased online," she said.

Ms Noton added that in many cases, orders placed for contact lenses online are shipped overnight, so wearers can receive the products almost immediately.

Meanwhile, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists recently warned that any contact lenses purchased online should only be bought from a reputable supplier with a proven track record.

by Martin Burns

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