Insert contact lenses "before applying makeup"

Insert contact lenses "before applying makeup"

Contact lenses need to be inserted before women put makeup on, in order to avoid the risk of infection, one expert has pointed out.

Elise Brisco, a spokeswoman for the California Optometric Association, told the Huffington Post that a major problem when inserting contact lenses after makeup is applied is that flakes of mascara or eyeliner can get caught under the lens.

She advised: "Don"t put contact lenses in after applying eye makeup. Always insert lenses beforehand. You don"t want to get makeup underneath your lenses, as this also puts you at risk of infection."

The expert also advised women not to sleep in their makeup or apply it when in a moving vehicle, as this can also increase the risk of eye damage from flakes getting into the eye or the cornea being scratched.

An article in the Irish Independent noted that Contact lens Cases need to be cleaned regularly, using an appropriate cleaning fluid, to minimise the risk of infection.

by Alexa Kaczka

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