CooperVision alters corporate brand identity

CooperVision alters corporate brand identity

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision has altered its corporate brand identity in a bid to reflect its positioning in the market.

The company has changed its logo to a circular watermark filled with different blue colours which the firm says "reinforces CooperVision's perspective that the world is a vibrant, ever-changing place".

"It also provides a unique take on water and comfort - valuable qualities of the CooperVision lenses that are key ingredients in our wearers' daily lives," it added.

As well as altering the log, the contact lens manufacturer has rolled out a new marketing portfolio and packaging for its products, which the firms says will see the marketplace welcome "a much energised CooperVision".

The company also promised to build on its commitment to eyecare practitioners and people who suffer from rare complaints by expanding the availability of products such as Biofinity.

Last month, CooperVision stressed the importance of caring for contact lenses in the manner recommended by their manufacturers to ensure safety.

by Martin Burns

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