Look more intelligent "with coloured contact lenses"

Look more intelligent "with coloured contact lenses"

If you"re heading to a job interview any time soon, you might want to invest in some blue coloured contact lenses to boost your chances of nabbing your dream role.

According to a book by Geoff Beattie, Get The Edge, which was serialised in the Daily Mail, blue lenses could make people look more intelligent, as well as more attractive.

Previous studies have shown generally, people are judged on their eye colour a lot of the time.

"So if you want an unfair advantage at a job interview you could always consider investing in blue contact lenses," the news provider suggests.

Other tips outlined in the book to improve your perceived intelligence include smiling naturally when you first meet someone, as this makes you appear more sociable, attractive and clever than those who don"t show their pearly whites.

Actress Poppy Montgomery revealed that she would be donning blue coloured contact lenses to depict JK Rowling in a new TV movie showing the life of the Harry Potter author.

by Alexa Kaczka

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