Nintendo 3DS "needs to be seen" by contact lenses wearers

Nintendo 3DS "needs to be seen" by contact lenses wearers

By Alexa Kaczka

Contact lens wearers will not be able to see the true benefit of the Nintendo 3DS until they actually view the device firsthand.

This is the view of James Honeywell, the platform holder's UK marketing manager, who told Computer and Video Games that the handheld has been a challenging product to market.

He explained that this is because there is no way of displaying the capabilities of the unique technology, which allows people to view 3D images without the need of special glass, through a TV or other digital platforms.

Mr Honeywell commented: "I think what we've found is that when people play it their initial reactions are amazing, so that's why we embarked on our programme of sampling and recorded the TV commercials at the sample events."

He went on to note that once people have glimpsed upon the technology of the Nintendo 3DS, they "will find something really unique".

Recently, Dr Michael Duenas, associate director for health sciences and policy for the American Optometric Association, pointed out that the handheld could help identify children under six years old who are in need of vision therapy.

by Adrian Galbreth

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