Contact lens users told "blue eyeshadow making comeback"

Contact lens users told "blue eyeshadow making comeback"

By Emily Tait

Fashionistas should make sure they keep the area around their contact lenses glowing, with a returning makeup trend possibly helping this.

Model and actress Danielle Lineker has pointed out that the blue eyeshadow tone is making a comeback on the faces of British women this spring.

She told the Mirror that the style, which first came to the forefront of fashion design when Madonna applied the look in the 1980s, "could be my moment to finally ¬embrace the blue look".

Thankfully, those with coloured contact lenses do not need to fear if they did not like the original look, as this time "the look is completely different, very modern and fresh", the wife of former England football star Gary Lineker added.

Disney actress Selena Gomez has recently sported the eyeshadow technique as part of a blue outfit design for Perez Hilton's "Blue Ball" birthday bash, giving fashionistas even more ideas for how to apply the trend.

by Emily Tait

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