Birch pollen to bring suffering to those with hayfever

Birch pollen to bring suffering to those with hayfever

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Hayfever sufferers could be affected by birch pollen this week, after the trees started blossoming following a spell of warm weather in the UK.

The Daily Mail reported that contact lens wearers were spared runny noses and nasal congestion during the early part of the year, with the cold weather hampering pollen dispersal.

However, the soil has now warmed up, thanks to temperatures reaching 20C in some areas of Britain last week, and the trees are also flowering.

Professor Jean Emberlin, director of Pollen UK Information, told the news source that birch pollen season could start this Thursday (31st March).

"The forecast is for drier than average weather, which means very good dispersal conditions. It only needs a slight breeze to stir the catkins and get the pollen out and a minimum temperature of 13C, with 15C being ideal, for pollen over a wide area," she added.

Earlier this month it was reported that the cold winter could leave 16 million people facing hayfever problems this spring, with a sharp pollen count rise expected.

by Emily Tait

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