Retinal disease "could increase stroke risk"

Retinal disease "could increase stroke risk"

Contact lens wearers with retinal vein occlusion (RVO) could be more likely to suffer a stroke, a new report has revealed.

Researchers in the US compared the heart attack and stroke rates of those with and without RVO and discovered that the incidence was almost twice as high in those with the eye condition.

The disease can be caused by the occlusion of a vein in the eye by an artery, which effects blood flow and can cause thrombosis or a lack of oxygen to the retina, resulting in vision loss.

For every 100 years of human life, the risk of stroke in RVO patients was found to be 1.16, compared to an incidence rate of 0.52 for those without the disease.

Naturopathy specialist Annalies Corse recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that those wearing contact lenses should try to get a good night"s sleep in order to avoid inflammation of the skin around the eyes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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