US to announce new eye care strategy

US to announce new eye care strategy

Posted by Adrian Galbreth

Young contact lens wearers in the US could be among those encouraged by the news that the country is set to launch a new eye care strategy for school-age children.

A host of leading eye health professionals, education representatives and policymakers have been meeting to discuss how eye and vision problems among young Americans can be improved.

The results of the meetings are to be announced on April 12th, when the group hopes to outline a new national strategy.

Organised by the American Optometric Association (AOA), the discussions have drawn on the expertise of a number of leading professionals, including Dori Carlson, president-elect of the AOA, Glen Steele, professor and chief of paediatrics at the Southern College of Optometry, and Norma Bowyer of the American Public Health Association.

Robin Benoit, author of Jillian's Story, which highlights her daughter's plight of coming to terms with preventable vision loss, was also involved in the consultations.

by Emily Tait

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