Expert issues eye make-up tip

Expert issues eye make-up tip

Contact lens wearers wanting to draw attention to their eyes could be among those interested in the recent comments of one make-up expert.

Writing for the Irish Times, Phyl Clarke has advised women to take care of their eyebrows and eyelashes in order to achieve the desired effect.

The specialist explained that as the eyebrows frame the face, they should be filled in with pencil if they are thin or patchy.

Choosing a colour is the key to success, the expert claimed, warning people with dark brows to use a pencil that matches their natural colour and advising blondes to opt for a slightly green or beige tone.

Contact lens wearers were also offered advice on how to get the most from their eye shadow and mascara.

"Use eye shadow for lining eyes by tapping colour along the lash line with the fine slanted brush to form a line. Don"t bother with colour under the eyes as this emphasises droopy eyes," the expert said.

"Eyelash curlers are great if you have long enough straight eyelashes as they can open the eye for a wide-awake look. Always use mascara, top lashes only please, choosing a waterproof formula if you have a tendency for watery eyes."

The advice comes after Rachel Adler, writing for Stylecaster.com, urged contact lens wearers to be more adventurous when choosing the colour of their eye make-up.

by Martin Burns

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