Spring makeup tips for contact lens wearers

Spring makeup tips for contact lens wearers

Posted by Emily Tait

Anyone who wears contact lenses and wishes to draw attention to their eyes might find the makeup tips from one fashion website very useful.

"Bold fuchsias and neon eyeshadows" will be very on trend this spring, according to becomegorgeous.com.

When it comes to colours, this spring/summer, you should be opting for rainbow shades.

Some of the hottest colours are fuchsia and neon blue, the website advised. This reiterates the view of Danielle Linkeker, writing recently for the Daily Mirror, who said blue will be very in this season.

The website added that "vibrant red and emerald green" will be also be hot hues.

If you're going for bold colours on your eyes, you need to use neutral shades on your lips and elsewhere on your face, the style site suggested.

Anyone who isn't too keen on bright hues might want to embrace the ever-fashionable smoky eyes look, which is very much on trend once again, according to the website.

by Alexa Kaczka

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