Women "not giving up their eye beauty products"

Women "not giving up their eye beauty products"

Posted by Emily Tait

Most women are continuing to invest in products to make their eyes look young, despite the current economic climate, new research shows.

The study, which was carried out by Mintel, found that women are economising on many areas of personal care, but products which help people to look younger for longer are still key.

Wendy Lewis, founder and editor in chief of Beauty In The Bag, also noted that women are unlikely to give up their facial skincare regime.

"They are not going to stop cold turkey, but rather they may buy one great anti-ageing cream or eye cream, and substitute masstige or drugstore brands for cleansers, sunscreen and less critical protocols," she explained.

Her comments follow recent advice from becomegorgeous.com, which advised that ladies who want to draw attention to their eyes might want to opt for bold shades.

"Bold fuchsias and neon eyeshadows" are good options for this spring and will showcase a person's eyes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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