Eye myths debunked

Eye myths debunked

Plenty of myths exist surrounding eye care and vision and one news provider has set out to debunk them.

Dr Kenneth McCandless, an optometrist from Las Vegas, told the Las Vegas Review Journal it is untrue that people with dry eyes cannot wear contact lenses.

He said dry eyes "can cause more discomfort and decreased wearing time of contact lenses", but good optometrists can help evaluate the condition to help tailor individual treatment options.

The eye expert will also be able to "make recommendations for a different brand or design of contact lenses or solutions that work better in our dry, arid environment", Dr McCandless told the news provider.

Prevent Blindness America recently advised women suffering from dry eye syndrome to steer clear of cigarette smoke and hair dryers and to soothe their eyes using warm cloths if they are sore.

Sufferers were also advised to avoid using harsh soaps where possible.

by Alexa Kaczka

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