Fashionistas "should wear pastel hues this spring"

Fashionistas "should wear pastel hues this spring"

Posted by Emily Tait

Pastel and candy-coloured eyeshadow are what contact lens wearers should be applying this spring, one makeup expert has suggested.

Talking to the Sun, MaxFactor expert Caroline Barnes said people should be picking a mauve shade of eyeshadow for their peepers and they should apply it to the whole eyelid.

After this, contact lens users might want to "sweep a violet colour over the eye, creating a 'c' in the corner of the eye, as a contrast against your mauve", Ms Barnes advised.

She said this should also be used under the lower eyelashes.

When using pastel tones, "mascara is vital", so use two coats of it "to dramatise your look", the makeup expert suggested.

A recent study carried out by Mintel revealed that women are continuing to invest in products to make their eyes look young, in spite of the current economic climate in the country.

Products which help women look younger for longer are still top on people's priority-buying lists, the research revealed.

by Emily Tait

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