Children "need to be taught the importance of eye care"

Children "need to be taught the importance of eye care"

Children in one US city have been taught the importance of looking after their vision.

About 30,000 students learnt about eye health in a bid to get both the youngsters and their parents to take vision more seriously.

Prevent Blindness America is helping with the efforts, believing that getting kids involved in their own health will help ensure parents address any vision issues their offspring might have.

Currently, about 37.5 per cent of second and eighth-graders fail eye tests, yet many do not follow up their results with some glasses or contact lenses.

"If children learn something in school, they will come home and bug their parents until it"s accomplished," said Jacinda Adams, Prevent Blindness" vice president of marketing and development.

"We have several avenues to get to parents, and one we were missing was going directly to schools."

Recently, Prevent Blindness America and the American Public Health Association said wearing decent eye protection is important for children who play sport.

by Martin Burns

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