Optician check-up "helped man discover cause of vision problems"

Optician check-up "helped man discover cause of vision problems"

By paying a visit to an optician in Edinburgh, a man was able to rescue his sight thanks to the detection of a major health problem, it has been revealed.

The Edinburgh Evening News reported on the experience of 62-year-old Blackhall man Scott Anderson, who found out that he had a pituitary brain tumour after an appointment he had with KD Wallace Optometry.

An appointment with a neurologist was made for Mr Anderson after he went to the optician, which revealed that a tumour was present.

Mr Anderson told the news provider that a number of years had elapsed since his previous trip to an optician.

He stated: "I am embarrassed to recognise that it has been about 15 years since I last went for an eye test."

When it comes to people"s eye health, the Prevent Blindness America COO, Jeff Todd, recently encouraged sports players to wear adequate eye protection to help prevent eye injuries.

by Martin Burns

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