More women suffer from visual impairments

More women suffer from visual impairments

Blindness and visual impairments that, in some cases, can require the use of contact lenses are more common in women.

Dr Mark Lynn, an optometrist who owns and oversees 15 Dr. Bizer"s VisionWorld, said that many eye conditions are preventable or curable and suggested that diet and lifestyle can play a part.

He explained that women are more prone to eye problems because of hormonal changes which can cause dry eye syndrome.

The condition, which manifests itself with an inability to produce enough tears, is prevalent among menopausal women and expectant mothers.

"We would encourage women to make their vision a top priority. A quick trip to the doctor could help a woman keep her vision for many years to come," Dr Lynn explained.

The NHS said that symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be mild or severe and include dehydrated and sore eyes as well as blurred vision, although it should not affect sight in the long term.

by Martin Burns

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