Innovative new eye surgery procedure gaining ground

Innovative new eye surgery procedure gaining ground

A Toronto woman has said that an innovative new set of contact lenses has transformed her life.

Sue-Ann Levy is thrilled with the results after undergoing eye surgery to implant contact lenses under her iris, the Toronto Sun reported.

The procedure is relatively new and is an alternative to laser eye surgery for patients with thin corneas and a high prescription, for whom the operation would be unsafe.

Her surgeon Dr Sheldon Herzig, said that Ms Levy was one of only one to two per cent of people who need intraocular contact lenses but said the benefits can be great.

"The quality of vision when you get into higher levels of treatment with this lens is many times better than it is with the laser treatment," he told the source.

Recently Scott Anderson from Blackhall told the Scotsman that his first eye exam for 15 years had saved his life after discovering a pituitary brain tumour, and he urged people to consider the importance of regular check-ups.

by Martin Burns

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