Baseball player hails contact lenses for his success

Baseball player hails contact lenses for his success

Posted by Emily Tait

A baseball player for the Detroit Tigers has attributed some of his success on the field to his contact lenses.

Ryan Perry is currently out of action as an eye infection which has led to corneal abrasion has prevented him from wearing his contact lenses.

The sportsman told Mlive.com that glasses and prescriptive goggles are ineffective and as he is so short-sighted he is not a good candidate for Lasik surgery while still enjoying his baseball career.

"Contacts will give me the best vision, that's why most eye doctors tend to steer me away from glasses," Perry told the source, "my vision won't be as good".

He added that contact lenses have given him the freedom to excel at his sport, which glasses would have been unable to deliver, despite being "probably legally blind" in one eye.

Perry has been a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers for two years and is famous for his 96 mph fastball.

by Emily Tait

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