Make up tricks for contact lens wearers

Make up tricks for contact lens wearers

Posted by Emily Tait

With summer on the way ladies are likely to be striving to achieve a radiance similar to that of Latino star Jennifer Lopez.

Creating the golden nude look can be difficult, as choosing the wrong tones can wash women out rather than give them a summer glow.

Women with golden skin tones should go for creamy, caramel-nudes and warm beiges, while shimmering browns and chocolates look good with darker skin.

Those with a similar olive skin tone to J-Lo are lucky to be able to pull off any golden hue they choose.

Apply a paler colour all over the lid, enhancing with a darker hue towards the outer third of the eye, finish with lashings of lengthening mascara.

Contact lens wearers often have to be more particular about which make up they choose, with hypo-allergenic and waterproof brands of mascara likely to be the best bet.

It is advisable to insert contact lenses after applying make up, unless it is unavoidable, as this will prevent power particles collecting underneath.

by Emily Tait

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