Daily disposable lenses can ease allergy symptoms

Daily disposable lenses can ease allergy symptoms

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Wearing daily disposable lenses could help people beat their spring-time allergies, it has been claimed.

Following a study which last month revealed that allergy season may be up to a month longer this year, Paul Karpecki, clinical director of the Koffler Vision Group, revealed that there are some things contact lens wearers can do to keep symptoms at bay.

"Daily disposable lenses like 1-Day Acuvue Moist are a healthy and more comfortable option for any lens wearer. Putting a clean, fresh lens into the eye each day minimises the potential for the build-up of irritants that occur with repeated use of the same pair of lenses," he explained.

He warned that anti-allergy pills can often dry out eyes, leading to contact lens discomfort, so the expert suggested that people use prescribed eye drops before inserting daily disposable lenses in the morning and after removing them at night.

The study published in following research in North America revealed that allergy season has increased since 1995 by as much as 27 days.

by Martin Burns

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