Eating carrots "no match for contact lenses"

Eating carrots "no match for contact lenses"

One of the UK"s leading newspapers has exposed the suggestion that eating carrots will improve eyesight as a mere old wives" tale and a myth.

Research funded by the US Department of Agriculture revealed that an apple a day might indeed "keep the doctor away", as the fruit was found to contain compounds with the ability to considerably reduce cholesterol.

However, the Daily Telegraph explained how the belief that carrots can help eyesight dates back to the Second World War.

"The RAF was trying to hide the fact it had developed a sophisticated radar system to shoot down German bombers … [and] claimed the accuracy of its fighter pilots at night was a result of them being fed carrots," the newspaper reported.

A number of eye care myths were debunked by Dr Kenneth McCandless, an optometrist from the US.

He told the Las Vegas Review, for instance, that it was untrue that people with dry eyes cannot wear contact lenses, as a decent specialist would be able to tailor individual treatment options.

by Emily Tait

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