Contact lens research project gathers pace

Contact lens research project gathers pace

More than six months after it started, a European contact lens study is gathering steam.

Titled the Contact Lens European Evidence Report (Cleer), it aims to collect reports from opticians and provide factual data about incidents related to this type of eyewear.

This means that if a physician has to advise temporary discontinuation of contact lenses, refer or treat a patient, they give the information to Cleer for study.

After the data is evaluated, it will hopefully be used to support endeavours to regulate the selling and supply of lenses in Europe and ensure consumer safety.

"Reports come in on a steady basis," said European Council of Optometry and Optics secretary-general Richard Carswell. "We now have reporters from almost all EU member countries."

Contact lenses can be easily purchased after an optician has issued a prescription. Long-standing brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Ciba Vision can offer suitable products for different eyewear needs.

by Martin Burns

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