Children victims of most aerosol eye injuries

Children victims of most aerosol eye injuries

New research has revealed the extent to which aerosol spray cans pose serious eye injury risks to young children, including those wearing contact lenses or spectacles.

In a Brown University study, it was found that children were the victims of more than half of the US emergency room visits for aerosol-related eye injuries.

Young children, under five years old, were most likely to be hurt, with an estimated 2,830 admissions from this age group during the time period examined by researchers.

"This is part of a larger picture of household product injuries in children, which are something of importance and something to look out for," said lead author Carly Seidman, a fourth-year student at Brown"s Warren Alpert Medical School.

The most common way youngsters were injured was by self-inflicted spray, though some patients were hit in the eye by debris when cans exploded.

Meanwhile, teen idol Justin Bieber, among other celebrities appears to be leading a new trend among younger contact lens wearers, after donning thick-rimmed black spectacles.

by Emily Tait

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