Gaming and TV "will not cause vision loss"

Gaming and TV "will not cause vision loss"

Parents concerned by the amount of time their children, who might already wear glasses or contact lenses, stare at TV and computer screens have been offered some peace of mind by an expert.

Speaking to the Sioux City Journal, Dr Beth Bruening, a South Dakota eye specialist, said that while lengthy exposure to video games, television and mobile phone screens is likely to cause eye strain, it should not lead to vision loss.

"I think that the more you use your eyes for close things, whether it"s playing computer games, texting or using a computer, it"s increasing eye strain. It does not cause permanent damage to your eyes," she told the newspaper.

To prevent eye strain, Dr Bruening urged parents to encourage regular breaks, as well as turning down the brightness of computer monitors or TV screens to make pictures easier on the eye.

Earlier this week, Dr Mark Lynn, an optometrist who owns and oversees 15 Dr. Bizer"s VisionWorld locations, explained how women are more prone to eye problems because of hormonal changes that can cause dry eye syndrome.

by Alexa Kaczka

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