Contact lens wearers warned over "substitute" products

Contact lens wearers warned over "substitute" products

Posted by Adrian Galbreth

Those needing contact lenses have been told to use a distributor which does not offer substitute lenses.

Keith Tempany, an independent specialist in the field, said that purchasing lenses online does have a risk of infections and complications as many websites only offer imitation products, rather than the exact fit.

He added that people get prescribed a lens which suits the shape of their cornea but then go away and look on the internet, with some vendors only providing one which is "virtually the same".

"There is a huge problem that comes with substituting, and that is where a lot of the problems come from. It’s not often sight threatening, but it can mean very uncomfortable lenses, and people dropping out of them, thinking that if this is what lenses are like then they don’t want to bother," he advised.

Recently, Ryan Perry, a baseball player for the Detroit Tigers highlighted the benefits of getting the correct contact lenses when he attributed some of his success to the eyewear.

by Emily Tait

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