ZoomReader iPhone app "the ultimate in visual assistance"

ZoomReader iPhone app "the ultimate in visual assistance"

Smartphone users who wear glasses or contact lenses may be among those to benefit from a piece of software designed to make certain aspects of day-to-day life easier for the visually impaired.

Ai Squares, a world leader in screen magnification software, has launched an iPhone application, ZoomReader, which should enable those with restricted sight to go about their business problem free.

The program allows Apple iPhone users to take photos of any writing they are struggling to read, before a sophisticated text-to-speech voice synthesiser reads the information aloud.

ZoomReader is likely to prove particularly useful when those with impaired vision are faced with small print on menus, medicine bottles, contracts and receipts.

David Wu, chief executive at Ai Squared, commented: "With the iPhone paving the way for how mobile devices address accessibility needs, we"re pleased to take it one step further with a dedicated app."

by Alexa Kaczka

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