Contact lens wearers "should be wary of mascara"

Contact lens wearers "should be wary of mascara"

Women who wear contact lenses have been warned to be very careful when applying or removing makeup to ensure it does not lead to infection.

Ophthalmologist Natasha Lim, who works in a private practice, told the Straits Times that there have been many instances of women who wear contact lenses suffering irritation or discomfort from make-up because they did not follow the correct procedure when applying or removing items such as mascara.

It follows the publication of a survey by Ciba Vision, which noted that six out of ten women in Singapore have suffered irritation after makeup came into contact with their contact lenses.

Ms Lim said that this can be avoided as long as they take the time to follow a safe procedure when applying make-up and inserting lenses.

It comes after a new survey by L"Bel USA found that most women would rather go without coffee and chocolate in order to hang onto their favourite beauty products, such as eye makeup.

by Alexa Kaczka

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