Advice given on eyeshadow for contact lens wearers

Advice given on eyeshadow for contact lens wearers

Contact lens wearers have been told what colour eye shadow will suit their look the best.

Justluxe.com listed the latest styles and suggested that people with green eyes should use apricot, plum, light brown or khaki shadows during the day, with gold, purple, fuchsia and deep brown at night.

It was also recommended that those with blue eyes or azure contact lenses should look to mix silver or turquoise shades for the evening, and light pink or violet during the day time.

Women should use a brush or sponge to apply eye shadow, as putting the powder on with a finger can be unhygienic and messy, while also giving a rougher finish.

Contacts should be put in after makeup is applied, as this way it prevents powder from collecting between the eye and the surface of the lens.

Hypoallergenic make up or contact lens friendly products can be bought, which lessen the chance of infection and irritation when applying makeup.

by Emily Tait

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