Regular eyesight tests "can improve driving standards"

Regular eyesight tests "can improve driving standards"

More regular vision tests for commercial drivers to determine whether they require contact lenses or glasses could help to significantly improve the safety of the nation"s roads, it has been claimed.

An article on FleetDirectory.co.uk by Alisdair Suttie suggested that many drivers are not tested frequently enough, even though there are strict standards in place in the UK which require drivers who need vision correction to wear their glasses or contact lenses at all times when behind the wheel.

Mr Suttie noted that, as well as the benefits of safer roads, firms may also find that the introduction of free eye tests is regarded as a perk by employees and can create greater staff satisfaction.

"Whether you"re a company director, fleet manager or business driver, good eyesight is about more than just seeing the road ahead; it"s about all of us taking responsibility for improving driving standards across the board," he added.

Recently, the Billings Gazette noted that it is essential for older people to wear contact lenses or glasses as required to limit the chances of an accident occurring.

by Martin Burns

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