Regular eye exams are essential for children

Regular eye exams are essential for children

An eye care specialist has provided advice to parents about how to deal with children and eye exams.

In an interview with ABC15.com, Dr Dave Thomas from Thomas Eye Care in Paradise Valley urged parents to take children for their first sight test and eye exam before the age of three, with a follow up before they start school.

Eye exams are so important in young children as their sight helps them with every aspect of development, so problems can have a significant impact on their learning.

Dr Thomas said that if children are not keen on wearing glasses to correct poor vision, contact lenses can also be an option.

There is no age at which children are automatically allowed to wear contact lenses, it is a choice between the optician and parents, however, the British Contact Lens Association revealed that very few children seem to choose this option.

It revealed that of the one in five children aged five to 15 who need vision correction, only one in twelve of those who could wear contact lenses currently do.

by Emily Tait

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