Cutting-edge technology brings eyesight to the blind

Cutting-edge technology brings eyesight to the blind

Innovative eye surgery has left a man from the US state of Connecticut able to see without glasses or contact lenses, after a mysterious infection robbed him of his eyesight 60 years ago.

Richard Galla has struggled with extremely restricted vision for more than five decades, but in recent years his condition is said to have gotten "worse and worse", the Danbury News Times reported.

But now, with the help of high-tech plastic shaped into a synthetic cornea and resembling a contact lens, skilled surgeons have been able to restore the sight in Mr Galla"s right eye.

"I couldn"t walk outside. I couldn"t see where I was going," he told the news source, but added that since the operation: "I can read a little, I can watch television. I can do a lot of things I couldn"t do."

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Melbourne have revealed that gaining weight during middle age can notably increase men"s risk of going blind later in life.

by Alexa Kaczka

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