Bausch & Lomb announces new vice-president

Bausch & Lomb announces new vice-president

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb has announced a new vice-president.

Susan Roberts is the company"s chief compliance offer and heads up the safety surveillance and global pharmacovigilance groups.

Bausch & Lomb"s board of directors has appointed her as its corporate vice-president and noted her years of experience as a lawyer in the firm"s legal department.

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, the firm was established as an international eye health company in 1853.

One of its latest products is the PureVision range of contact lenses, which are softer than some other brands and claim to provide "enhanced optics" and "exceptional clarity".

Also available is PureVision Toric lenses, which are specifically designed for those with astigmatism - a condition where the eye is irregularly shaped and therefore causes vision blurring.

by Adrian Galbreth

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