Beauty products "a top priority for most women"

Beauty products "a top priority for most women"

Researchers in the US have found that most women would rather go without coffee, chocolate and even sex in order to hang onto their favourite beauty products.

The survey, commissioned by L"Bel USA, found that some ladies would give up everything, from handbags and contact lenses to favourite shoes and indulgent treats, as long as they were able to keep their makeup.

John Krites, the company"s beauty expert, said: "Women not only want beauty products that make them feel radiant inside and out, but products that are customised for their skin and lifestyle. It"s no surprise they would rather go without a few of life"s other simple pleasures."

Meanwhile, female glasses and contact lens wearers have been given tips on how best to bring out their eyes with makeup in the coming months.

Danielle Lineker, writing for the Daily Mirror, recently said blue eye shadow would be making a big comeback, thanks to the influence of 70s and 80s fashion.

by Martin Burns

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