Employee eye tests "boost morale and relieve stress"

Employee eye tests "boost morale and relieve stress"

Firms can help to increase morale and reduce stress among their staff by providing employee eye tests, according to one sector expert.

Daska Barnett, founder of Specs of Kensington, said that such tests not only help to identify whether staff need contact lenses or other forms of vision correction, but can also cast the employer in a positive light.

It follows the publication of a report by Sight Care which revealed that nearly 50 per cent of workers who spend at least five hours a day in front of a computer screen have not had their eyes tested in the last 12 months.

Ms Barnett explained: "In terms of stress relief, morale boosting and people feeling that their employer is genuinely looking after them, it is a win-win situation for a very small amount of investment."

She added that employers who provide eye tests will appear more attractive to potential jobseekers as they are seen to look after their staff members.

by Alexa Kaczka

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